Sourcing and importing raw materials from around the world is the most complex function in this industry. With over 35 years of experience BI Nutraceuticals has built a distinguished vendor qualification program, extensive vendor base, and skilled procurement team.

We source from over 40 countries worldwide; our whole herb powders and teas are produced from the most fertile areas on earth; and because we work with growers from virtually every continent, we're able to consistently and dependably supply large volumes of both powders and teas. Our relationship with the growers combined with our knowledge of crop cycles gives us the strength to oversee any cycle - from planting to harvest. We're continually expanding our cultivation efforts at home and abroad, which enables us to consistently provide large quantities of quality ingredients that our customers have come to expect. So when other suppliers are unable to provide you with the botanicals you demand, you can count on BI Nutraceuticals.

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