Protexx HP™ Green Steam™ Sterilization is a unique, organic steam sterilization process that utilizes super-heated dry steam to reduce microbiological load. The results are comparable to that of treatments with ethylene oxide or irradiation - except Protexx HP™ Green Steam™ is an environmentally friendly, organic certified process. No chemicals are used, resulting in no residual leftovers, no potential regulatory issues, and no additional label declaration requirements.

Protexx HP™ Green Steam™ Sterilization is not a one-size-fits-all formula; the 40+ settings, which control the heat, moisture, time, and pressure parameters, must be tailored for each individual ingredient. All products require their own specific combination to provide the maximum reduction in potential contaminants and preserve the color, flavor, and bioactive components. With over a decade of experience with steam sterilization BI Nutraceuticals has fine-tuned over 350 product-specific validated protocols.

Combined with BI's Identilok® technology, stringent quality control, and advanced testing, Protexx HP™ Green Steam™ Sterilization provides unadulterated ingredients void of chemicals and radiation, so you receive the natural and safe products you expect.