The Next Generation RoseOx®

What is RoseOx® Basic?
RoseOx® Basic is a breakthrough ingredient based on a lipid-soluble extract of rosemary. Rosemary, the common culinary spice, has been used as a natural food preservative for thousands of years. Scientists discovered that the true power of rosemary lies in its ability to prevent oxidation of fats and oils. Research shows that rosemary contains powerful, lipid-soluble antioxidants that, when ingested, can also inhibit and fight free radicals in the human body.

RoseOx® Basic is a concentration of rosemary’s natural antioxidant powers. It utilizes a unique, supercritical carbon dioxide extraction method. Not only does it selectively and efficiently obtain the oil soluble fraction from the herb, but it does so in a cleaner, solvent-free approach. Other rosemary extracts are extracted by means of harsh solvents, such as acetone, that could possibly leave a residue and discolor the product to a yellow-brown hue. Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction on the other hand does not impart any chemical residue and preserves the natural green color of rosemary. RoseOx® Basic takes us back to the essence of rosemary in a concentrated clean form.

The Power of Rosemary
The history of rosemary as both a culinary spice and medicinal herb dates back centuries. European folk medicine prescribed rosemary leaves to treat numerous ailments including stomach problems, arthritis, colds, tension, and headaches. Today, research reveals that the power of rosemary resides primarily in its unique antioxidants. Antioxidants are essential in the prevention and treatment of many disease states ranging from common colds to cardiovascular disease.

In a study on rosemary conducted by M. Tateo and M. Fellin, rosemary extract was shown to have an “Antioxidant Index” (AI) of 27.5, one of the highest AI ratings of any known organic matter. Rosemary extract was also shown to be a powerful antimutagenic agent.

Carnosic Acid Cascade™
The powerful antioxidant activity of RoseOx® Basic can be attributed to carnosic acid. Carnosic acid is the starting element of a unique antioxidant mechanism called the “Carnosic Acid Cascade” (See Figure 1). The cascade is an exceptional series of chemical reactions that involve the transformation of carnosic acid into carnosol; carnosol into rosmanol; and rosmanol into galdosol. With each of these transformations, free radicals are quenched. Its containment of this multi-step process makes RoseOx® Basic one of the most potent antioxidants found in nature.

RoseOx® Research
RoseOx® has been featured in several studies that support its benefits as an antioxidant.Researchers at the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences, A.V. Palladin Institute of Biochemistry found RoseOx® to significantly delay the time to formation of oxidation byproducts and to reduce the amount formed in rat liver mitochondria. The study confirmed that RoseOx® is both bioavailable and can help protect the body in vivo. Table 1 summarizes this exciting data.

Researchers at the University of California – Davis found RoseOx® to be highly effective in inhibiting the oxidation of LDL (low density lipoprotein cholesterol) thereby reducing plaque formation.

Ranciment studies (testing the measure or duration of time until an oil or fat is oxidized to the point of rancidity) showed RoseOx® to act as a potent antioxidant.

Health Benefits of RoseOx® Basic
Derived from a common savory herb having GRAS status, RoseOx® Basic provides the 4 following health benefits: