BI Nutraceuticals is a leading full-service supplier of value added performance products, including but not limited to granulations, triturations, and drum-to-hopper blends.

Our cGMP compliant, SQF, and organic certified granulation facility in Islandia, NY is dedicated to processing raw material ingredients to meet all of your formulation needs. The 38,000 ft2 facility features a fully equipped product development laboratory and capabilities ranging from a multitude of high shear solvent capable wet granulators to oven dryers, extensive dry roller compaction capacity, high throughput hammer mills and oscillating blenders. Most notably, it houses fluid bed agglomerators, giving us all major granulation processes under one roof.

Our extensive granulation capability allows us to modify the functionality of the ingredients as customers require. Many of the benefits of particle engineered raw materials result from physical property enhancements which include modifications in density, particle size, flow, solubility, compressibility, taste, release of actives, and content uniformity.

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